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Satanta Peak, sunset, and grace

The humble silhouette of Satanta Peak outlined by the last embers of the day.
I created this photo last summer while on an evening hike in the Indian Peaks.
We take so much for granted every day, yet God’s grace is always evident if you take the time to look.

Western Slope

I apologize for the lack of posts recently. Life has been busy and blessed!

Here’s a view of the mountains near Ouray, Colorado, with spring snow still clinging to their faces. There are so many stunning views along the western slope of the Rocky Mountains…

The glory of morning

There is truly something magical about the dawn of a new day.

Mt. Sneffels

A spring snowstorm is about to lay another fresh layer of snow on Mt. Sneffels, near Ouray, CO.

three fatties

Two golden-mantled ground squirrels and a chipmunk are gorging themselves thanks to messy birds at the bird feeder overhead. While they all look similar, only the chipmunk has stripes on its face. I wish I didn’t know, so I could think of the chipmunks as the babies and the ground squirrels as the adults – much more fun!

Pasque flowers in the Rockies

A small group of alpine Pasque flowers is evidence that spring has come to the Rockies.
The photo was taken near the small mountain town of Ouray, Colorado.

Snowy paradise

The last picture from my spring trip to Grays and Torreys Peaks. Or is it the last?
On the left is Grays, and towards the center is Torreys. This peaceful photo belies just how windy and harsh the day really was, but stays true to the majestic beauty of the Rocky Mountains.

bzzz bzzz

A humble bumblebee collects pollen from a wildflower, swaying in the cool summer breeze that flows down from nearby Shoshoni Peak. Welcome to the Indian Peaks Wilderness area in Colorado.

Windy Edwards!!

Here’s the photo I promised of blowing snow on Mt Edwards… wow!
This photo was taken from most of the way up neighboring Grays Peak.

Early spring visit to Grays Peak

April 2, 2011

I had never given much consideration to climbing a 14er outside of the summer season, until a friend called up (okay, actually he texted) and said “Hey, wanna go up Grays and Torreys this weekend?”. Of course I did!

The winter trailhead is just off of I-70 at the Bakerville exit, only about 50 miles west of Denver. We hit the trail shortly after sunrise at 7am and enjoyed a rare chance at climbing a 14er ‘standard’ route without sharing it with 100+ other people. Priceless! We didn’t make it up Torreys Peak because it took us so long to summit Grays Peak (14,278 feet), but it was still a near-perfect day. Curse you, high altitude!

Here you see a view back towards Grays and Mt Edwards in the mid-afternoon. Edwards is just to the left of the center in the picture, while Grays is towards the right side – where my tracks are coming from. Later on I’ll share a picture showing the incredible winds blowing snow from the south face of Mt. Edwards. Enjoy!

Blinded by the light

Blindingly bright sunshine bathes the Indian Peaks in warm rays at the close of the day.

Preserving the peace

A blissful February afternoon at the Betasso Preserve.

In only a couple short months, this same scene would be painted with wildflowers.

Darkness overhead

April 11, 2010
Indian Peaks
Dark. Stormy. Beautiful.

Glacier Gorge, Rocky Mountain National Park

West of Longs
A mid-summer jaunt revealed this view of the early morning sun lighting the mountains to the west-northwest of Longs Peak, in Colorado. Glacier Gorge lies nearest, still mostly hidden in the shadows.

Sunset over Boulder

Welcome to a late summer sunset in Boulder, Colorado.


Alpine sunflowers on the east ridge of Mount Bierstadt, in Colorado.
In the distance you can see part of The Sawtooth, a ridge running between Bierstadt and Mount Evans.
Mount Evans is home to the highest paved road in North America.

Sea of clouds

A sea of clouds just before sunrise on Long’s Peak, looking east over the plains of Colorado.

Ervin Peak, on the Way to Huron

This breathtaking view was taken looking north from nearby Middle Mountain. Unseen in the valley below is the ghost town of Winfield, a reminder of Colorado’s mining history.

Ervin Peak lies front and center in this photo, and is part of the Sawatch Range – home to 15 of Colorado’s 54 fourteeners. While merely the 233rd tallest mountain in Colorado, it is still a respectable 13,531 feet tall.
It’s bordered by Mount Hope, the more gentle peak to the far right in the photo, and Mount Blaurock, the sharp peak in shadow to the left of Ervin. To the left of Mount Blaurock, you can see La Plata Peak, the 5th tallest mountain in Colorado at 14,336 feet.

On this particular day our goal was away from Ervin Peak, following the ridgeline south from Winfield to Cross Mountain, Middle Mountain, Browns Peak, and then eventually to Mount Huron, at 14,012 feet.