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Fly to the moon

A robin in late winter, perched and waiting for spring.

here and there

water lily

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Blinded by the light

Blindingly bright sunshine bathes the Indian Peaks in warm rays at the close of the day.

An oasis in the dark perhaps?

In a departure from the recent nature theme, I give you a sign.
A motel sign.


Preserving the peace

A blissful February afternoon at the Betasso Preserve.

In only a couple short months, this same scene would be painted with wildflowers.

squirrel !!


Darkness overhead

April 11, 2010
Indian Peaks
Dark. Stormy. Beautiful.

Glacier Gorge, Rocky Mountain National Park

West of Longs
A mid-summer jaunt revealed this view of the early morning sun lighting the mountains to the west-northwest of Longs Peak, in Colorado. Glacier Gorge lies nearest, still mostly hidden in the shadows.

Hungry hare?

I wasn’t the only one with snowshoes… This was near the Fourth of July summer trailhead in the Indian Peaks, on the way back from a February overnighter. There was a layer of fresh clean snow, and I was amazed at just how quickly new animal tracks had appeared.

Sunset over Boulder

Welcome to a late summer sunset in Boulder, Colorado.


Alpine sunflowers on the east ridge of Mount Bierstadt, in Colorado.
In the distance you can see part of The Sawtooth, a ridge running between Bierstadt and Mount Evans.
Mount Evans is home to the highest paved road in North America.



A small, lone tree at the top of Flagstaff Mountain, in Boulder, CO.
I was clearly not the first to see it, but I believe I was the first to see it like this.